Feeling bloated and tired, lacking energy, and having constant hormonal fluctuations?

If you have these symptoms, your body is probably saturated with toxins.

It’s time for a natural detox!

In order to get full of energy and elan in the spring, treat your body with detox by consuming the healthy herbal teas that are available to you.

There is a powerful five for you: nettle, dandelion, hickory, burdock and coriander.

Whatever plant you choose for your healthy, warm beverage, your body will enjoy maximum benefits.

1. Nettle tea

Nettle (Urtica dioica) was used in the Middle Ages as a natural diuretic and to relieve joint and muscle pain.

Today it is used to help with urinary infections, enlarged prostate, injuries or stretching of muscles and joints, insect bites, and skin problems such as eczema.

Nettle promotes kidney flushing, as well as the operation of the lymphatic system, which is extremely important for detoxification. Since it removes toxins from the body, it is a great tonic for your skin.

Because it has a mildly energizing effect, nettle tea is best to drink in the morning for maximum benefit.

Tea preparation: Only select young leaves without flowers for tea and dry them. Pour a teaspoon of dried leaves over boiling water, let it stand for a while and drink.

Note: When picking this extremely healthy plant, be sure to put on gloves on your hands as contact with bare skin will cause annealing and burning. Nettle tea is not intended for pregnant women.

2. Dandelion tea

The dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) is much more than just a field flower.

You can use the flower, leaves and dandelion root to cleanse the body. This herb also raises the level of enzymes that are responsible for detox.

Its intensely yellow flowers are full of antioxidants and flavonoids that act as liver cleansers and also regenerate your cells.

Tea Preparation: Put the dandelion yellow flowers in water, cook and allow to simmer for 15 minutes. You can also make tea from dried leaves: add 1 teaspoon of dandelion leaves in hot water, cover and let stand for 10-15 minutes. Then strain and drink.

3. Root tea

Artichoke lappa has been used for hundreds of years as a blood purifier, and is also a true treasure trove of nutrients. Just to name a few: folic acid, magnesium, and vitamins C and E.

Just like nettles, Velcro is a great diuretic that eliminates toxins from your body through urine.

The root of the thistle also contains a substance polyacetylene, which has strong anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. Besides cleansing the blood, it is also used in the treatment of acne as it stimulates circulation and cleanses the epidermis of toxins.

This root regenerates and cleanses the liver and stimulates its work. It also stimulates digestion and releases excess toxins.

Tea Preparation: Put 2 tablespoons of dried Velcro root in 250 ml of water and cook. Leave the lid on for 5-10 minutes then strain and drink. You can drink this tea 2-3 times a day, always freshly prepared.

4. Coriander tea

This plant (Coriandrum sativum), called cilantro in the USA, has an intense taste, and is known for purifying the body of heavy metals such as mercury, aluminum and cadmium.

Coriander works by binding toxins, releasing them from tissues, and then eliminating them from the body.

This herb cleanses the skin perfectly and reduces oxidative stress and has antiseptic, antifungal and antioxidant properties. It is very effective in digestive disorders and stimulates the pancreas.

Tea preparation: Fill the metal tea filter with fresh or dried coriander leaves and place in a cup. Pour over boiling water and let stand for 10 minutes. Tea is not intended for pregnant women.

5. Milk thistle (Silybum marianum)

Milk thistle (Silybum marianum) is considered to be the true keeper and protector of the liver and is most used for the detox and treatment of this important organ.

Due to the ingredient silymarin, it contributes to the regeneration of liver cells and reduces damage caused by increased amounts of medicines, food pesticides, air pollution, toxins and heavy metals.

Milk thistle also stimulates bile production, thus contributing to good digestion.

Tea preparation: Pour 1-2 teaspoons of dried milk thistle with 2 dl of boiling water. Allow the lid to stand for 15 minutes, strain and drink. Drink tea 2-3 times a day.


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