Healthy American pancakes

PREP: 15 MINS                                        MAKES: 10 – 12                    COOK: 30 MINS

These easy healthy pancakes get their fluffy texture from whipped egg whites. Stack them high with fresh berries and a spoonful of low-fat yogurt.

Nutrition: per pancakes
kcal: 53
fat: 1g
saturates: 0.3g
carbs: 8g
sugars: 0.8g
fibre: 0.4
protein: 3g
salt: 0.1g   


50 g self-raising flour
50g wholemeal or wholegrain flour
2 small eggs, separated
150ml skimmed milk
berries and low-fat yogurt or fromage frais to serve


  1. Sift the flours into a bowl or wide jug and tip any bits in the sieve back into the bowl. Add the egg yolks and a splash of milk then stir to a thick paste. Add the remaining milk a little at a time so you don’t make lumps in the batter.

      2.  Whisk the egg whites until they stand up in stiff peaks, then fold them carefully into the batter – try not to squash out all the air.

       3. Heat a non-stick pan over a medium heat and pour in enough batter to make a pancake about 10 cm across. Cook for just under a minute until bubbles begin to pop on the surface and the edges are looking a little dry. Carefully turn the pancake over. If it is a bit wet on top, it may squirt out a little batter as you do so. In that case, leave it on the other side a little longer. Keep warm while you make the remaining pancakes. Serve with your favourite healthy toppings.

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